Thai massage Ulaanbaatar

History of Thai massage

Thai massage has made its way to Ulaanbaatar. But its history is reaching back thousands of years.

Over the centuries, Thailand has developed its unique massage culture. The massage is called nuat thai in Thai language. Massage therapists passed on the knowledge from generation to generation. Traditionally, it is assumed that the massage was created by Pali – Buddhas physician. In the 19th century, the massage was codified and in 1955 a large massage school opened in Wat Pho.

Thai massage techniques

Showcase stretching techniques in Thai Massage Ulaanbaatar
Traditional Thai massage includes a lot of stretching techniques

Thai massage uses pressure points as well as elements of bending and stretching – much like yoga. Skin and muscles can be pulled, rocked, or compressed. Sometimes, the pressure is applied at the same time using knees and hands.

The best way to deliver a Thai massage is on a relatively thin, hard mattress on the floor which allows the therapist to move freely. Traditionally, customers wear special Thai massage clothes during the massage. Hence, the massage therapist does not use oils or direct body contact.

Furthermore, traditionally, men massage men and women massage women, but this is not a strict rule.

Thai massage Ulaanbaatar

Thai massage Ulaanbaatar fusion
Mix of Thai and oil massage has become common in Thailand as well

Thai massage has made its way to Ulaanbaatar. Alternatively, during winter months, direct flights from Mongolia to Thailand exist. This paragraph will highlight Thai massage Ulaanbaatar possibilities.

In Ulaanbaatar you have several options to enjoy a proper Thai massage. Most massage spas in Ulaanbaatar incorporate elements of Thai massage. The tradition and health benefits of Thai massage techniques are just too great to be overlooked. Moreover, the cold winter make massages a perfectly suitable relaxation experience.

For a traditional approach, Lotus Thai is a good spa. Run by Thai expats, they offer traditional Thai massages. The Mister is a master in Thai massages. This spa is located near Chinggis Avenue, south of Bayangol Hotel. Some massage therapists here have more than two decades of experience.

Other massage places like best, top, sisi massages also offer basic elements from Thai massage services in Ulaanbaatar. For traditional massages, Lotus Thai might be the best place though.

Following a Thai massage, you can enjoy a hot tea in most Thai massage spas in Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar Massage Thai massage

At our UB massage spas, we offer elements of Thai massage like rocking of muscles and skin as well as bending and stretching. We also offer pure Thai massage packages at our massage centers.

However, most of our customers enjoy for a fusion of massage styles, combining the best of oil massage, Japanese hot towel and Thai massage. Our female massage therapists are happy to provide massages to male customers. She will use oils and scents, as well as towels for the massage.

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