UBmassage invites you to enjoy the best massage experience in Ulaanbaatar. You have traveled to attend business meetings here or visited Mongolia’s beautiful countryside. You wish to relax and enjoy a massage in Ulaanbaatar. Look no further. Pamper yourself with a wide range of services at our spa boutiques. UBmassage remains the best and highest ranked massage in Mongolia.

Relax Body and Soul - beautiful healing stones at UBMassage
Relax Body and Soul – beautiful healing stones

Massage services

UBMassage provides a wide range of services but always committed to the best massage in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia’s massage tradition is alive. There has always been the combination of stones into food dishes and hot stones have been used to warm, massage, and disenfect hands.

Traditional Mongolian massage including herbs and ceremonies are used for healing purposes. Some of it performed by blind healers and shamans in Ulaanbaatar. In our massage therapy spas in Mongolia we focus on deep relaxation, happiness and wellbeing.

Relaxing face massage
Relaxing face massage

Hot Stone Massage

We use small, smooth stones that are best suited for a hot stone massage in Ulaanbaatar. We heat the black pebbles up and our massage therapists know to place them on key energy points of your back. The stones release stored heat evenly on your skin, reaching muscles, joints, and bones.

Due to increased demand and the sometimes challenging preparation, we might not always have a hot stone massage available in all our spas in Ulaanbaatar.

Japanese Hot Massage

The Japanese Hot Massage starts of with hot towels that let your skin and muscles find deep relaxation and pores to open. Mongolia’s dry weather, strong sun and occasional sandstorms are challenges for your skin. The hot and wet towels give your skin immediate moisture and comfort. You start to relax and after the hot towel treatment your body is ready for a massage.

Japanese Hot Massage - hot towels let you relax massage service in Ulaanbaatar
Japanese Hot Massage – hot towels let you relax

The hot towels let your body relax and our massage therapist can apply a full body massage. She uses deep pressure on stressed areas, focusing on relaxing tight muscles, and reducing body aches. It’s a great massage for active men. For gentlemen with physically demanding jobs and men who work at desks for long periods of time. This massage also suits gentlemen who have exciting but physically demanding hobbies like horseback riding, polo or skiing.

The Japanese hot towel massage might also incorporate light stretching of your arms and legs. Increasing the flexibility or your joints. You will feel happy, free, healthy and fully relaxed after our massage treatment.

Body scrub

If your skin demands more than hot towels, the body scrub service might be right for you. Some of our massage spas in Ulaanbaatar are equipped with saunas or body scrub rooms. This treatment will help clean your skin. Our massage therapist will remove unwanted dead skin and wash you. Your skin will look and feel younger than ever just as you deserve it. We only use the highest level ingredients that do not harm your health and support the regenerative forces of your skin. This treatment takes around 20 to 30 minutes and is included in a body scrub and massage treatment in some of our finest massage parlors in Ulaanbaatar.

Full Body massage

Essential oils will help your body relax. A good fragrance and melodic rhythms make you forget your stress and enjoy the massage. Our UB massage ladies will apply the exact amount of pressure to the tight areas of your body. You can always demand also for stronger or softer pressure depending on your body sensation. The treatment will take about 1 hour and can be combined with a body scrub.

Chinese Massage

A Chinese massage incorporates more stretching and mobilisation elements that focus on your flexibility. A perfect massage after a period of sedimentary living or when you deem it necessary to gain more flexibility.


UBMassage Quality Commitment

We are committed to providing you with the best massage experience in Ulaanbaatar. We welcome you at our massage parlors in Mongolia. Say good bye to tight muscles and find relaxation at our beautifully designed spas. The clean and save environment will help achieve you find harmony and balance. All massage ladies go through a thorough training, learning the different techniques required for the treatments. In any case, we are happy to satisfy our customers.

We also like to provide you with a complimentary coffee or tea after your massage and you might want to stay a bit longer.

Coffee and cookies. Refresh yourself
Coffee and cookies. Refresh yourself at UBMassage

How to enjoy your massage

Don’t worry – we have you covered and provide you with tips on how to enjoy a massage at our center. You can either make an appointment or walk into our spas open from 3 pm to 10 pm. We recommend the afternoon as we might be booked out during the night.

Leave your valuables in a safety box here and we take great care of your safety as well as the safety of our massage ladies.

Take off your shoes in the entry area and use our comfortable slippers in the spa. If you will have a massage without body scrub, kindly take a shower before visiting us. But why don’t you come and enjoy the top rated body wash service in our sauna. Obviously, we only use the best fragrances, oils and towels as well as massage tables for the services.

After the massage, you might want to comb your hair or apply a lotion that we are happy to provide for you.

While it is not required, the massage ladies appreciate a tip if you are really happy with the service. Please also politely tell us if something is not according to your satisfaction and we will try our best to make you enjoy the best massage in Mongolia.

After the massage, please stay a bit longer and we are delighted to invite you to a coffee or tea. We have also a selection of skin and hair product for your finishing touches.

If you want to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your apartment or high-class hotel in the center of Ulaanbaatar, please see this link about outbound massage in Ulaanbaatar.