Body Scrub in UB

Body Scrub Massage in UB

After a long hike in Mongolia’s mountains or prolonged exposure to the burning sun and eternal blue sky in Mongolia’s vast countryside, you deserve to relax. Get rid of the smell and soreness of horseback riding and leave the gobi sand behind. Indulge into a body scrub massage at UBMassage.

UBMassage body scrub massage in Ulaanbaatar
A traditional brush – UBMassage body scrub is a sensual experience

What is a body scrub massage

It is all about renewing your skin. Old tissue is brushed and washed off and your skin becomes smooth again. UBMassage body scrub massage is a much favoured treatment that exfoliates your skin and makes it smooth again.

After washing dirt from your skin, the massage lady will remove old skin using a body scrub. It is a rough, sensual experience. After that, a high quality cream will smooth your skin.

What happens during a body scrub massage

At UBMassage, we have clean wetrooms with tiles and drains for the body scrub treatments. The massage table is a wet table covered with a plastic sheet – specifically designed for body scrubs. You will start with your head done and a shower on the table.

The massage lady will gently rub the exfoliant on your back, arms and legs and remove dead skin. Then you turn over and she will do the same on the other side.

UBMassage body scrub treatment also includes shampooing your hair for a complete spa experience.

Make sure to rinse off thoroughly before leaving the wetroom.

Preparation for full body massage

A body scrub massage is a perfect preparation for a full body massage. The skin is soft and smooth and you will feel relaxed. In a massage room, the massage lady can now apply pressure to tense muscles and you will feel more relaxed than ever. Read more in our services section. The combination of a body scrub and massage is our signature service and a customers’ favourite.

Video of a body scrub massage




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