Sauna in Ulaanbaatar

Sauna in Ulaanbaatar

You can find a variety of sauna in Ulaanbaatar.

In terms of the word sauna, there is a range of understanding for what a sauna means. A steam room, a KTV type establishment, a warm room to sleep at night, a wooden sauna next to a ice-covered pond?

a sauna at lake Baikal, north of Mongolia, during winter
a sauna near lake Baikal in the snow

This post will examine what you can find in terms of saunas in Mongolia. In the countryside, there are some hot springs that could classify in the wider sauna range. Besides those places, Ulaanbaatar hosts a lot of saunas.

Ulaanbaatar massage sauna

At UB Massage spas, we offer professional body scrub and body wash services conducted in clean areas that are attached to our massage spas. Besides those, for a complete sauna and pool experience, customers can go to the Grand Hill Hotel spa. There, a complete pool and sauna awaits you. Besides, customers find the much praised body washing service there.

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Other places for Ulaanbaatar saunas

Gobi sauna. This sauna is a large, family friendly, Korean-style sauna in which customers can stay for many hours. It is located in the 3rd/4th district, about 5 km from the city center. The sauna is large and can also hosts larger groups of visitors.

The Gold Hotel. Located in the second row of Peace Avenue, about 4 km from the city center. Hosts an inhouse sauna massage parlor.

Lhamour spa provides a sauna and spa experience for women. The focus here is on beauty and cosmetic products. The spa is located to the south east of the city – again, several kilometers from the parliament.

Several others saunas of mixed quality and audience exist throughout the city including:

  • Flower hotel sauna. This is mostly focussed on tourists and business travelers (about 3 km east of the city center)
  • Sauna at Sunjin Grand hotel. The hotel is located far from the city center, so a commute there in rush hour can take a long time. Recommended for people who stay in the area. Relatively large sauna.
  • Encanto sauna and spa. Relaxation focussed sauna and spa. Good sauna in a good location – expensive.
  • Bliss Fitness club. This BlueSky Hotel based club has a large pool and limited sauna facilities. Rather high price tag.

Some more information (but partly outdated) can be found here about saunas in Mongolia countryside.

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