UB Massage Mongolia Experience

At UBMassage we have created a comfortable and clean environment in all our massage spas. Gentlemen are welcome to our Mongolian massage therapy spas to relax. Our trained female massage therapists enjoy working in a safe and comfortable place as well. We have put great effort into creating unique environments that compliment our massage services.

UB Massage spas in hotels

Some of our massage in ulaanbaatar are located in high-quality hotels. If you look for a place to stay, we recommend these hotels to you.

Springs Hotel Massage Center

Among all mongolian massage centers, our spa in Springs Hotel is the nearest massage option from Blue Sky hotel, Ulaanbaatar hotel and Bayangol hotel. We match this premium location with a quiet, clean environment in our spa. In this location, we also offer body scrub services.

Springs HotelĀ Link here. Springs hotel is located right in the city center south of Sukhbaatar square.

Grand Hill Hotel Massage Center

The modern Grand Hill Hotel is located approximately 2 kilometers west of the center. The hotel is on the same road as white house hotel and on Modnii 2 road. You can easily come here if you stay in Ramada hotel. Our UB Massage Mongolia spas at the hotels are most modern and offer a private setting where you can find relaxation and stress reduction. In our Grand Hill center, we also have a sauna to offer you and modern and clean facilities for body wash.

Grand Hill HotelĀ Check out the hotel here

Other UB Massage Mongolia spas

Find the most convenient Ulaanbaatar massage center near your location. Besides the two hotel massage spas that are easiest to reach, you can also visit our other locations throughout the city. UB Massage runs several massage spas in the city center near the western street crossing and the train station.